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    The Wake the Hell Up New Year's Challenge

    The Wake the Hell Up New Year's Challenge

    Wake The Hell Up! 2020

    What if this year, for 2020, you had an extra reason to make good on your new year's resolution? 

    At Wake The Hell Up, we want to give a boost to that special promise by providing some SERIOUS INCENTIVE.

    #WakeTheHellUp2020 asks you to dig deeper and tell us what you've always wanted to do to improve yourself and your life. 

    Our mission is to call our customers to action. In our daily lives, it's far too easy to be caught in the flow and status quo.

    So we are appealing to the movers, shakers, and dreamers, who are willing to go the extra mile to reach their goals.

    To show how serious we are about it, we will be giving away...

    How to Enter

    • First, you have to Wake The Hell Up! We are looking for serious contenders for the prize of a year's supply. We're ready to provide the energy boost you need to get it all done!

    • You'll need to follow us on Instagram @wakethehellupcoffee and Facebook at WaketheHellUp

    • Last but not least, we'll be needing your most epic dream resolution as an Instagram Post, tagging our page and using the Hashtag #Wakethehellup2020.

    The top ten will be selected by a board of judges at Utica Coffee. We will be judging the entries based on:

    • Noble Pursuit: The greater impact that the resolution will have on yourself, your community and society, the higher the chance of being selected.

    • Quality of the picture or video, showing the hard work you're willing to put in.

    • The Story: Go into detail in the post text about what you plan to do to obtain your goal and why it is so important to you!

    Semi-Finalists will be selected on February 29th. At this time they will go head to head for the ultimate prize. The people of the Greater Utica area will pick the ultimate winner.

    Here's how the second round works:

    • Semi-Finalists will be asked to post up to six times in March.

    • Each post will also be submitted to Utica Coffee for reposting on the Wake the Hell Up pages. 

    • All of your friends are eligible voters when they follow the page and like your post. Each post like, including likes on comments, will count as a vote!

    • The semifinalist with the most votes by the end of March wins. 2nd and 3rd place winners will receive the respective prizes listed above.

    Good Luck! We're rooting for you.


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