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    Searching for the wake up call that gives you the inspiration and energy to take every opportunity and tackle every day

    About Wake The Hell Up!

    What started as a slogan has taken on a brand life of it's own with Wake The Hell Up! Our mission with Utica Coffee is truly centered around revitalization & belief in your community. The same can be said about Wake The Hell Up! but from a much more personal level. We want to challenge our customers to take risk in their own lives. To give them the energy they need to tackle their daily to-do list and the courage to take on the new projects they might be putting off. Wake The Hell Up! is the belief that we all already possess the gumption we need to be successful. We are just here to put a little extra pep in your step. 

    Now Let's Talk Coffee...

    Wake The Hell Up! is a dark-roasted, high-quality, ultra-caffeinated coffee. Using a secret blend of arabica & robusta coffees to balance flavor and caffeine; we are able to get you up to 50% more caffeine per cup than your average house blend. No bitterness & no jitters! Everything is roasted at our facility at 117 Hotel St in small batches ensuring the output of a truly outstanding blend.

    Read The Reviews...

    "I ordered two packages online to get my Wake the Hell Up fix! It came two days later and absolutely hit the spot. Perfect coffee to get me through WFH and social distancing! Thank you Utica Coffee Roasters!!!"

    -Mike through

    "This coffee definitely delivers a little extra jolt in the morning, but not at the expense of flavor. I sometimes need a "jump-start" in the morning, and this delivers. But I was pleasantly surprised that there was no corresponding bitterness. This is a really good-tasting blend."

    -William Willis on Amazon

    "Wake the Hell up! coffee was discovered on Amazon. This is my favorite brand! I originally ordered it because of the caffeine content (caffeine junkie!!), but I love the flavors and the taste of it. I have had the Jamaican Me Crazy, and the Cannoli. Both are delicious! The Cannoli is my favorite, and I'm not a huge flavored coffee type person. The coffee is smooth and the flavor just right! It definitely wakes me the hell up!" - Christine on

    Wake The Hell Up! Single Serve Pods

    Wake The Hell Up! Ground Coffee