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    About Utica Coffee Roasting Co.

    It all began in 2002 with the purchase of our Genesee Street location in a relatively economically depressed area of Utica. The potential in not only this location but this area was seen by our founder & president, Frank Elias. In 2005, a roaster was moved into this building with a goal to start sourcing and roasting the world's highest quality coffee. This was transformed over time into a busy and bustling cafe with the vision of partner, Heather Delia.

    "Not sure how Utica got so lucky to have such a quality coffee spot like this. Whenever I'm in town I always stop for a bag or two of their Brazil. I'll even have family members ship me out some when I'm low. Love this place."
    -Steve Moran via Google Reviews

    Utica Coffee Today

    Today, Utica Coffee Roasting has become so much more than that initial Genesee Street location. With cafes in Utica & Clinton, our world-class roasting & education center on Hotel Street, and production facility in a historical building in Utica; it has safe to say the Utica Coffee brand has grown to be a staple of our community. We stay true to our roots through hiring locally, partnering with local businesses and providing retail space to a variety of locally sourced products. Utica Coffee products find their home here on our website & Amazon. We are also incredibly proud to have our coffee sold & served throughout Upstate New York.

    Everything Starts With Coffee

    Our Mission

    Every day we put into practice our belief that our community can be revitalized through responsible business development. 

    The Utica Coffee Brand

    Synonymous with the best qualities of Utica itself; simplicity and a no-nonsense attitude, and a richness of unique and shared culture.

    The Best Part About What We Do?

    We get to roast, drink and share our phenomenal coffee in the process. Time & love goes into every cup.