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    Coffee Q&A

    - What Do Your Grind Sizes Mean?

    • Throughout our website, you will find a variety of different grind sizes available for each coffee product we offer. We can grind for any brew method, from French Press to Turkish coffee. Our default grind size however, is for drip brewing. 

    - Are Any Additional Flavors Added to Your Single Origins or Blends? 

    • Nope! There is nothing artificial in our single origins or blends. They are 100% locally roasted, fresh coffee beans with no additives. The tasting notes on the bag are the natural flavor profile that the coffee has when it's brewed. 

    What Are The Nutrition Facts on Your Coffee? 

    • One of the best things about coffee is that there are no calories or nutrition facts to speak of! So enjoy your coffee guilt free. The only calories will be the ones you add yourself. This includes flavored coffee. 

      - Are Your Coffees Allergy Free? 

      • Yes! All of our coffees, including the flavored ones, are totally allergen and gluten free and are produced in a nut free facility. 

      - I Can't Find My Favorite Coffee, Where Did it Go?

      • If your favorite coffee included one of our flavors or roaster select series and you don't see it anymore, it's because some of these are rotating selections! Our Roaster Select Series changes every couple of months and a fair amount of our flavored coffees are seasonal! Keep an eye out, you never know when one might return... 

      How Should I Brew My Coffee? 

      • Underneath all our coffee descriptions (except for flavored coffee) is a how to brew recommendation. Whether it be drip, Chemex, French Press or Aeropress: visit our brewtorials page for more brewing instruction! 

      - How Should I Be Storing My Coffee? 

      • Coffee is best kept air tight in a cool, dark location. The freezer trick is a myth! Please don't keep your coffee in the freezer, while the temperature is good the moisture is not!