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Italian Roast

Italian Roast

$ 10.00

Experience the artful elegance of Italy's famous coffee shops with our dark, bold Italian Roast.

Named for the classic style of dark roasting common in southern Italy, our Italian Roast is made by artfully blending Central and South American Arabica coffee beans and then expertly roasting them low and slow, until the beans reach a rich chocolate brown color and their shiny oils are on display. This long and masterful process yields a deep, rich coffee with notes of tobacco and dark chocolate.

This is a fantastic breakfast coffee or after dinner drink with a smooth, elegant flavor. One sip will have you saying Buongiorno!

Aroma: Tobacco, Dark Chocolate

Acidity: Low

Body: Bold, heavy

Flavor: Deep, rich, dark chocolate

Varieties: Blend of Central and South American Coffee

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