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Dark Adirondack

Dark Adirondack

$ 10.00

Experience the universal appeal of our best-selling Adirondack Blend coffee with a dark twist.

Made from an original blend of 100% of the finest, hand-selected Arabica coffee beans expertly roasted to a dark-roast, our Dark Adirondack Blend coffee has a dense and smooth body, caramelized sugars, molasses, and chocolate flavors, with a satisfying finish.

This coffee is a perennial favorite for those who enjoy dark roasts or are fans of our Adirondack Blend. It's a dark, one-of-a-kind blend that you can only get here, at Utica Coffee Roasting Co. in Upstate New York, home of the majestic Adirondack Mountains.

Aroma: Chocolate

Acidity: Low

Body: Dense & Smooth

Flavor: Caramelized sugars, molasses, chocolate

Varieties: South and Central American Coffees

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