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    Moka Pot Tutorial



    1. Prepare Your Moka Pot
    • Pre heat water and add to the bottom compartment of your moka pot filling it to the valve on the side.
    2. Measure And Grind Coffee
    • Measure 14 grams of coffee 
    • Grind finely (not quite an espresso grind but finer than a drip grind). 
    3. Start Brewing
    • Pour coffee into the filter basket and smooth the top with your finger so that grounds are even. 
    • Insert filter basket to the bottom and reassemble the moka pot.
    • Put brewer on your stove at a medium heat with the lid open.
    • Coffee will begin to come out of the spout and make a puffing sound.
    • When coffee becomes a golden color, close the top and remove from heat to stop extraction.
    4. Decant And Enjoy!
    • Pour your moka pot espresso into your mug and enjoy!
    • You can use this brewing method to make hot or iced lattes at home as well!

                Why We Love Moka Pot:

                • Enjoy Cafe Quality Drinks At Home
                • Easy To Use

                Coffees to try in your Moka Pot: