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    Drip Brewer Tutorial


    • Drip Brewer
    • Regular Coffee Filters
    • Coffee: Preferably Utica Coffee 
    • Water (Preferably filtered) 
    * This will be based on brewing 12 cups. 


    1. Prep Your Brewer
    • Fill your coffee pot to the 12 cup mark with water and set aside. 
    • Make sure everything is on and if the water needs to heat, be sure to do that. 

          2. Grind Your Coffee

    • Measure out 2.5 Tbsp grounds per cup of coffee (or about 1 3/4 cup for 12 cups) 
    • With whatever grinder you're using, you'll want to grind the coffee so that it resembles coarse kosher salt. If your coffee is pre-ground, it's likely that it's ground for drip already.  

         3. Prepare Ground Coffee

    • Dump your coffee into the filter basket and shake slightly to even out the grounds. 
    • If your water is ready, place the filter basket in the brewer and get rolling!

         4. Pour and Enjoy!

    • Once your brew has finished, stand back and admire it for a second. you're about to have some great coffee and an even better day. 
    • Pour your coffee! Coffee is always best enjoyed from your favorite mug. It'd better be one of ours... 

         5. Adjust Accordingly

    • After brewing, note whether your coffee is too weak or too strong for your personal taste and adjust accordingly. If it's too strong, try 2 Tbsp per cup and if it's too weak, add slightly more coffee. Either way, it's your personal wake up call and you should enjoy it to your taste! 

      Why we love the drip brewer: 

       - The drip brewer is a tried and true brewing method that almost never lets you down. Your cup will always be consistent, clean and familiar from this very simple and straightforward machine.   

      Coffees to try with your drip brewer:

      - Adirondack Blend

      - Colombia Supremo

      - Peru Organic