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    Welcome To The Scavenger Hunt! 

    Utica is so proud to host the new Munson class and to help you get to know the city a little better, we've put together a scavenger hunt! 



    • Scavenger Hunt Must Be Completed Within the Window fo 3-5pm on Friday September 15th 
    • Entries Must Tag Utica Coffee and Pratt on Instagram via stories, your account unfortunately cannot be private to participate. 
    • Winners of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be DM'd to claim their prize! All others will receive a coupon by no later than Monday the 18th. 


    1st Place: A Utica Coffee Gift Basket 

    2nd Place: Utica Coffee Simple Modern Mug 

    3rd Place: A $15 Gift Card To Utica Coffee 


    1. For your first clue, don't be a quitter, head to the place where actors glitter!
    2. Seek out a structure with three sides, where angles meet and corners hide. A unique shape, hard to miss, inside you'll find a place of bliss."
    3. Where money talks and history shines, this building stands tall and never declines. Golden in color, it's hard to miss, inside you'll find treasures that can't be dismissed.
    4. To unlock the secrets of Utica on must find a key to the city in the knick of time
    5. Tick-tock, tick-tock, don't be late! Look for me where time is fate.
    6. Rumbling wheels, hissing steam, this is where you catch your dream.
    7. Wake The Hell Up!, it's time to start the day, but first, you'll need a pick-me-up that's here to stay.