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    Gifts for the Coffee Lover in your Life

    Listen, I get it. Thanksgiving was, like, 5 minutes ago, and now it's Christmas time. Now, as you find yourself in need of inspiration in the way of gifts, we here at UCR got you covered. As coffee experts, we know what that coffee fanatic in your life wants! So sit back, rest easy, and read on.

    Finding Value in the Obvious

    Do a little digging into their cabinets and take a peek at what kind of coffee they drink. Medium roasts? Light, dark? Whatever the roast, there's a specialty coffee for it. If they prefer to grind their own coffee, whole bean is the way to go. Trust us, they don't grind their own coffee for no reason.

    Often, people who care deeply about their morning brew will have their grinder dialed into their preferred grind, so they always get the cup of morning joy with the ideal extraction.

    "But, what if they don't have a grinder," one might ask. Great question!

    Blade Griders vs. Burr Grinders

    Pre-ground coffee certainly has its place in the world, but if your caffeine aficionado is still giftless, a quality grinder will make sure they know they were on your nice list this year!

    In the world of grinding coffee beans, there are two main methods of achieving ground coffee: blade grinders, and burr grinders. There are certainly affordable options for both, but since we're out here getting fancy, we certainly have to recommend a burr grinder.

    These come in a variety of different options, such as hand crank, electric, or industrial. This can be as easy as picking a grinder with good reviews within your budget.

    Changing up how You Brew Coffee

    Chances are, the person you're buying for has a few ways to make coffee at home. One of our favorite, lesser-known brew methods is the Moka Pot, and it's sure to make your coffee enthusiast... well, enthused!

    Moka Pots are a great way of making espresso at home, without the hassle (and cost) of buying someone an espresso machine. This little pot lends itself to being a great gift due to its portability and reliability.

    Last, but never least, local coffee shop merch!

    It's never a bad idea to grab some local coffee shop merch (ahem) for your crema-crazy person! Whether it's online or in the shop itself, your local coffee company (AHEM) is bound to have mugs, hats, shirts, or hoodies!