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    Chemex Tutorial


    • Aeropress & Accesories
    • Kettle
    • Mug
    • Aeropress Filters
    • Coffee


    1. Preheat your water to 190 degrees
    2. Grind your coffee medium-fine, should be the consistency of table salt
    3.  Place your filter into the cap and wet the filter. Snap the cap and filter onto the bottom of your aero press.
    4. Use two table spoons of coffee inside the brewing chamber of the aero press.
    5.  Add the water in a swirling motion, fill to be just past the two marker
    6. Stir the grounds to promote even extraction
    7. Wait a minute and a half, stir again
    8. Slowly plunge. When you hear a hiss, it’s complete.
    9. Add water to create an americano or milk for a latte. Enjoy!


    Why we love Aeropress:

    -Make a shot of espresso with little to no mess! Perfect for those looking to be a home barista

    Coffees to try in your Aeropress: