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    AeroPress Tutorial



    1. Prep And Grind Your Coffee
    • Preheat your water to 190 degrees. 
    • Grind 2 Tbsp of your coffee to a medium-fine (should be the consistency of table salt).  

    2. Prep The AeroPress

    • Place your filter into the cap and wet the filter. Snap the cap and filter onto the bottom of your aero press.
    • Use two tablespoons of ground coffee inside the brewing chamber of the AeroPress.
    • Place AeroPress on top of your mug of choice. 
    3. Start Brewing 
    • Add the water in a swirling motion, fill to just past the two marker. (You can use more water if you desire less strength). 
    • Stir the grounds to promote even extraction
    • Wait a minute and a half, stir again
    • Slowly plunge. When you hear a hiss, it’s complete.

    4. Enjoy!

    • Add water to create an americano or milk for a latte. 
    • Enjoy your beautifully created beverage!

      Why we love AeroPress:

      - Make a shot of espresso with little to no mess! Perfect for those looking to be a home barista

      - Easy Clean Up: Simply pop the top off and dispense used ground into the trash. Rinse afterwards.

      Coffees To Try in Your AeroPress: