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Colombia Supremo

Colombia Supremo

$ 10.00

Take a taste of Colombia with our fruity and sweet Colombia Supremo coffee, with balanced acidity and notes of caramel, tart fruit, and dark chocolate, made from 100% of the finest, hand-selected Arabica coffee.

Aroma: Fruity, sweet

Acidity: Medium, balanced

Body: Medium

Flavor: Caramel, tart fruit, dark chocolate

Our Colombia Supremo comes from a group of small Rain Forest Alliance certified farms with an average size of 2 hectares each, located within the Huila department of Colombia. These small farms are planted in mostly Caturra, and processing is of the traditional method. Their efforts have been rewarded with a Rainforest Alliance Certification, one of the most demanding sustainability seals.

Region: Huila

Growing Altitude: 1520-1650 meters

Arabica Varieties: Caturra, Typica

Harvest Period: October-February

Process: Washed, sun dried

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