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    Our Coffee, Your Brand

    In today's digital age, brand recognition has become a cornerstone of any successful business. Competition exists in nearly every market, so customers are more inclined to purchase from businesses they know & trust. So stop promoting someone else's brand and start promoting your own with our private label coffee.

    Here's How It Works;

    • Pick Your Coffee: We have a wide range of coffees available in our private labeling program and we will work with you to find the perfect blend of beans to represent your brand (and your taste!).
    • Choose Your Bag: With several bag styles, sizes and finishes available including; 

             -2 oz Matte White, Matte Black or Kraft Finish 

            - Our Traditional Utica Coffee 10 oz bag with a fold over label

             -10 oz Matte White or Matte Black with a tin tie 

             -12 oz Matte Black with a zipper top 

            *Custom printed foil frac packs now available in 2, 3, 5 & 7.5 oz sizes*

    • Design Your Label: Work with us in picking the perfect elements to label your product OR if you are particularly artistically inclined; we will give you the specifications to design to and you can completely customize your dream label! Labels are included in the cost of the bag. 
    • Place Your First Order: With a manageable first order size of 36 bags, we will produce, issue an invoice, and label the product for you within days of the labeling phase being finished. When the order is complete; you can pick up your order at either of our cafe locations, have it delivered if you are located locally or have it shipped to you!
    • Easy Re-Orders: Can't keep the coffee on the shelf? After the initial order, there are no minimums and we can get your product roasted & packed. 

    Ready To Get Started? 

    Fill Out The Request Form Below To Get Started!