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    Frequently Asked Questions


    Coffee Q & A

    What Do Your Grind Sizes Mean?

    Can You Ship Cold Brew?

    Is There A Difference Between K-Cup Filter Grind and K-Cups?

    Does A Dark Roast Have More Caffeine?

    What Is The Least Acidic Coffee Available?

    How Should I Be Storing My Coffee?


    How Long After Roasting Will My Coffee Be Shipped?

    How Long Does Shipping Take?

    Can I Order Online And Pick Up In Store?

    How Does Your Returns Process Work?

    What If My Order Was Damaged In Transit?


    Does Your Flavored Coffee Contain Any Allergens?

    Is Your Coffee Keto Friendly/Gluten Free?

    Codes & Promos

    Do Codes Work In Store?

    Can I Use More Than One Discount Code Per Order?

    How Do Referral Rewards Work?

    Are There Any Current Discount Codes Available?


    Who Can I Reach Out To For Donations?

    Who Can I Reach Out To With Job Applications?